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My major project at the moment is a byte code compiler called Exupery which should be available from SqueakMap and as a sar file .

Exupery is trying to soften the boundary between application programming and language implementation. The abstraction boundaries between language and implementation and between hardware and software have been static for a long time. There are a range of interesting things to do with a compiler besides compile a general programming language. Regular expressions could be compiled right to machine code, so could database querys, and network packet filtering.

The initial release doesn't do much but it is an end to end compiler that can run code inside the image. With a little more work it should be able to compile inner loop methods providing a useful speed improvement. It has been developed test first so it should be a useful public example of that style of code.

The aim is to get the compiler into real use well before it is "finished". Software without a community doesn't really live and software with a community never dies especially if the source is available.

The test structure for Exupery. A byte-code compiler developed test first

An analysis of the performance just before the 0.02 release.

Exupery's project proposal

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